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whole wheat

About our Bagels

Scratch bagels are made with King Arthur unbleached flour (Maine Grains whole wheat for the wheat bagels), a pinch of commercial yeast, sea salt, water, and of course our sourdough starter Lulu. The dough is fermented slowly overnight to develop our signature flavor and texture. 

Our bakers arrive at 3 a.m. and begin the process of getting our delicious bagels to you. Each one we make is hand cut, rolled, boiled and then baked in our stone hearth deck oven.

We bake 9 dozen at a time and they come out of the oven every 15 - 20 minutes. While we try to have as many as possible by the time we open our doors at 6 a.m. (7 a.m. on the weekends), on occasion and especially during the holidays and summer months we will sell out of our first round fairly quickly and you may have to wait for the next batch.  Never fear though, more are on their way and the wait is generally 5-15 minutes. We are always happy to let you know the status and if you can’t wait maybe grab some bread (it makes killer toast) or sweet treats. If you do choose to wait grab a cup of coffee and hang out, chances are they’ll be some great people to chat with. 


2 dozen per person*

Friday, Saturday & Sunday:
2 dozen per person*

*Limits may vary for holidays

We are happy to take orders for 3 dz. or more bagels with at least 72 hrs notice as long as the order book is not already filled.

*This excludes holidays